Post-election, Still a Feminist

America-hating liberal here.  Anyone up for a terrorist bump?

I’m having post-election musings about feminism post-Palin.  Oh, those conservatives—to borrow a line from Stephen King—hypocrisy so transparent you could read a newspaper through it.   They’ve been rallying round the subjugation of women, discrimination against women, hypocritical double standards in sexual conduct for women, and they’ve been demanding submission from women.  Then, when their female crusader for all of the above was called out not on her clothing, but on her lavish spending on clothing while hard-working, decent Americans are losing all but the clothes on their backs, they screamed sexism.  That is truly rich—the rest of us show outrage at this calloused display of greed, and we turn Republicans into feminists.  Who would have thought, through all these years, that that’s all it would take?  And now that we’ve got them boasting about their feminist hearts and souls, maybe we can convince them to support reproductive rights, pay equity, and all the rest. 

Anyway.  As to their smear of feminists as “man-hating.”  Just some anecdotal insights into this: I’m acquainted with feminists and women who hate feminists.  No doubt, I’m sure there are women calling themselves feminists who hate men.  I’ve never met one.  I’m not one.  Hatred for half the human race based on how they were born, gee, don’t feminists fight that?  I wouldn’t call a woman who hates men a feminist.  But when I hear feminist-hating women let fly, wow. 

This is how it goes: they view feminists as naive in the sense that we give men credit for too much.  As they tell it to me, men are rats, bums, no good, and always will be.  We feminists need to face up to that.  We are foolish to try to appeal to decency and honor in men when we insist on our rights because men aren’t capable of showing decency or honor toward women.  We should resign ourselves to that.   We should face the facts according to feminist-haters.  They say men can’t be trusted not to cheat on us, lie to us, demean and abuse us, so we should be real, tough women.  We should suck it up and deal with it.  Curious, this last part, given that the conservative take on women is that we’re inherently too weak and timid to hold public office. 

This from an ideology that produced a woman brazen enough to parade around in designer duds someone else paid for, when she isn’t shooting moose from a helicopter that isn’t hers.

Write a letter to Pepsi

Telling them that you will no longer be buying their products (even if you don’t really buy them anyway).

See Melissa’s post here on why and how.

Palin: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I don’t like Sarah Palin’s politics.  I don’t like Republican politics either.  That’s why I’m not voting Republican in this election.  I find everything the Republican Party stands for deeply immoral, with the behavior of Republicans—and I’m not saying the Democrats are angels—but the behavior of Republicans in recent decades has been so deeply unprincipled, dishonorable, inhumane, outright corrupt, and hypocritical that I’d face public execution before I’d vote Republican.  

I’d like to single out Sarah Palin’s hypocrisy.  Palin denounces feminists, which is curious, given that she lives according to so many feminist principles.  She is a mother and a woman in a position of power in the public sphere with a husband who has been described in the press as a stay-at-home dad.  Assuming this is true, the Palin’s don’t do traditional gender roles or traditional marriage.

But she’s a Republican.  The Republican Party platform calls for traditional family values and imposing on women the traditional nuclear family with the husband and father as the “head” of household and the wife in subjugation.  It calls for women to remain confined to the domestic sphere, and for men to dominate the public sphere.  

Palin the Republican professes to support the Republican Party platform.  She’s profited from enacting public policy consistent with that platform.   But if she truly endorsed that platform, she wouldn’t be anywhere near the public sphere.  According to Republican ideology—the ideology she claims to support—Palin should be a full-time, at-home mother tending to the needs of her brood, and especially the needs of her infant Down Syndrome son.  

I support wholeheartedly the right of women—Sarah Palin or not, mothers or not—to participate fully in enacting public policy that affects all of us.  The trouble is, Sarah Palin doesn’t.  She supports an ideology that subjugates women.  She campaigns to keep in power a political party that will work to keep women down.  She works to ensure that women must be twice as good as men at the same tasks to be considered half as good, and she opposes discrimination legislation aimed at protecting women from such double standards.  She supports a party that calls for women to remain confined to the domestic sphere while she, herself, campaigns to become the nation’s first woman vice-president.  

So I think I have this straight: she denounces the feminists who secured for women the rights we enjoy now; she doesn’t shun those rights, but she takes them and runs with them; she uses them not just to enrich and empower herself, but also to deny the rest of us those rights. 

Apparently Palin never has heard of leading by example.  

I have no patience with women who denounce feminists and who have rained scorn and ridicule on them for decades, but who eagerly help themselves to the rights those feminists fought so hard to secure for women.  But then, I’ve never been fond of ingrates and hypocrites.  If nothing else, Palin serves as an example of one such woman.

A Man’s Pro-Choice Matter

This is the only bind I can think of that a man would face, that compares to that of a woman facing a crisis pregnancy and the specter of abortion:

A man—I’ll call him John—has a rare type of body chemistry, like a blood type or some other raw body material or organ.  An ailing person—I’ll call her Mary—never having committed any offense or crime in her life, needs some of this raw body material of John’s because it’s the only compatible type accessible to Mary’s health care system.  If John’s raw body material isn’t donated to Mary, she will die.

The process of getting John’s raw body material from his body to Mary’s is arduous.  John will be increasingly less mobile and more confined over several months in preparation for making the transfer of his body material to Mary.  He will face restrictions in diet and in medication he can take, so as not to taint the body material, making it useless for Mary.  This process will culminate in an unfathomably painful, hours-long process.  Doctors will not give him any pain medication for fear that it might harm Mary and render his body material useless.  This process is so rigorous as to cause possible trauma to John, leaving him altered forever afterward.  He will face a long recovery period.  Mary is totally, utterly dependent on John for her life.  If John does not go through this process and donate his raw body material to her, she will die.

I cannot think of any anti-legalized-abortion leaders who have called for a man in this situation to be forced by law to donate to a recipient who will die without the donation. 

A double standard?

Just One Sarah Palin Issue

My head is spinning.  Contemplating where to begin about Sarah Palin’s nomination by John McCain as his running mate, it’s enough to make anyone grab for the nearest wall. 

I’m going to make myself stick to just one of her utterances, one I heard often from Phyllis Schlafly, on the issue of job discrimination.  She and John McCain oppose legislation enforcing equal pay for equal work, and conservatives in general oppose action against discrimination against women.  Palin’s rationale went this way:  instead of we women “whining” about discrimination—dismissing us as weak and sniveling if we insist that discrimination cease—she urges us to “go the extra mile” (I’m paraphrasing).  She tells us we should just strive to achieve even greater excellence.  She says we should be willing to have to show much greater merit than men working alongside us to achieve close to the same pay.  She—and conservatives—claim that all it takes is for women to become qualified and to prove ourselves for discrimination to cease.

If that were true, discrimination would have ceased at the latest, in the 19th Century.

I can’t wrap my brain around this—an enlightened people actively, vigilantly watches for injustice, and when finding it, seeks to end it.  An enlightened people doesn’t tolerate injustice or make excuses for it. 

We’re supposed to vote for people whose ideology holds them to standards this low?  Palin holds herself and her Republican peers to standards of decency and honor this low while she preaches to women to fight discrimination with high standards of job performance? 

How anyone affords people of this persuasion any credibility boggles my mind.

Dear Olympics,

I have been a dear fan of yours for some time now, and with this year’s world-record-breaking record, wow has it been exciting! But seriously–WHY are all the ladies wearing extremely TIGHT PANTY athletic underwear while they perform?

Seriously, the volley ball ladies, the hurtling track ladies, the gymnasts, the swimmers, all of them picking wedges out of not only their asses but also their hootinanies. WHY? Why, when a diver is standing on the boards, should she have to be yanking at her crotch worried that the world can see her areas? Why are the men trackstars and volleyballstars wearing knee-length shorts if it’s so much more “comfortable because of the heat” to wear PANTIES?

I’m sure some ladies like it, support it, are just plain used to it, whatever. But i don’t care what the argument for wearing these clothes, nothing is going to amount to an argument in support of wedgies. No one likes that shit. Especially in the Vagine!

I understand that some sports are going to require the bare minimum in dress–surely swimming and gymnastics are two big ones. Olympics, I don’t want clothing to get in the way of performance. I just want a girl to have some self respect and have the choice to not be flashing the world her vagine when she falls over a hurtle, or when she falls off a balance beam.

Surely the reason for the tightness is BECAUSE of the skimpiness–when you wear PANTIES to gymnastics, they sort of have to be super tight in order not to fall off or away from your body. But, I mean…we’re talking about expectations here. The mens are oftentimes wearing shorts if not pants to perform the same sports that the women are wearing their PANTIES to. Why?

Oh Olympics, if only you could talk back to me and tell me this isn’t just world-wide sexist expectations that women display their bodies for other people, I could sleep at night.

PS–Fuck, I was going to post some contrasting photos of men in pants to women in their skivs. But as for the ladies, all I could find was website after website featuring the “Hottest” female Olympic athletes with links to photos of them POSING like fucking porn stars. What is the percentage of Olympic ladies who pose, spread eagle, in thier bikinis to the ones who don’t? I don’t know, and don’t have time to research it right now. But it’s disturbing that only a fraction of the photos I could find were about these women’s atheticism (those were on the Olympics website) instead of thier sexual worth.

Landmark in Science for Women

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